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Google has forked Android

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The last issue I wanted to see was Android to split into two “official” versions. Nicely, guess what, for all intents and purposes that’s what’s occurred. Ack!

It is poor sufficient that Android has multiple existing versions. Then, Xavier Ducrohet, Android SDK (Software program Improvement Kit) Tech Lead, announced “Android three. (Honeycomb) is a new version of the Android platform that is designed from the ground up for devices with larger screen sizes, specifically tablets.”

I asked multiple men and women at Google if they could expand on this news. None of this could.

So, I’ll spell out what I feel is taking place right here. We’re seeing an Android fork. There will be 1 line for smartphones, the existing Android 2.three, Gingerbread, line, and the forthcoming Android three, Honeycomb, line.

According to Ducrohet, besides Android’s frequent features set—multitasking, notifications, and widgets—Honeycomb will have a new UI (user interface) framework for creating fantastic apps for bigger screen devices higher-functionality 2D and 3D graphics employing a built-in OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) help for multicore processors wealthy multimedia new Bluetooth APIs (application programming interfaces) and enterprise enhancements such as encrypted storage and password expiration. That is all great, but really do we need to split Android into two components to do this?

If you look at the Android Honeycomb highlights, it becomes even clearer that Honeycomb is going its personal way. There is some very good news for developers who do not want to re-do their Android two.x work for Honeycomb. As the Web page states, even though “The new UI brings fresh paradigms for interaction, navigation, and customization and makes them offered to all applications—even those built for earlier versions of the platform. Applications written for Android 3. are capable to use an extended set of UI objects, powerful graphics, and media capabilities to engage users in new ways.”
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Title: Google has forked Android
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