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Crusade Of Destiny v1.4.5 Apk Download

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Crusade Of Destiny v1.4.5 Apk Download

Crusade Of Destiny v1.four.five Apk Download
1st ever accurate complete scale 3D RPG for Android!
Crusade Of DestinyFirst ever complete accurate scale 3D RPG for Android!
In a time of magic and dragons, turn into the hero you were meant to be and embark on the crusade of your destiny. Everything you expect in a strong action adventure RPG delivered in beautiful 3D. Prepare To Quest!
* The Initial of it's sort to introduce the revolutionary straightforward use multi-touch control scheme for touch screen mobile devices that allow complete 3D freedom of movement plus 360 degree camera panning.
* Xperia Play Playstation Telephone support.
* three trainable talent lines. Grow to be a much better warrior, archer or mage. Some abilities offered only to higher educated ability lines.
* Numerous hours of gameplay.
* 360 degree swimming! Go fishing for meals! Even ride horses!
* Detailed side quests.
* 3D sound effect positioning.
* Difficult bosses to defeat.
* In-game cycles of genuine evening and day on a readable 24 hour based time system. Some events based on evening and day.
* Numerous damage sorts such as slashing, blunt, piercing, fire, ice, and energy inside a exclusive combat resist method. Specific creatures are a lot more resistant or vulnerable to certain attacks.
* Higher top quality sound effects and original music soundtracks each and every with person volume controls.
* Several lands and caverns to explore with many secrets to uncover.
* Single target and location impact skills accessible for both melee and magic lines.
* Easy to understand combat technique with auto-face targeting.
* Balanced economy system. Visit shops. Buy and sell things.
* Right and left handed joystick and controls selection.
* In-game help tutorial. Go to Inventory - Possibilities - Support for more instructions.
* Customizable hot keys. Arrange capabilities in any order.
* three game slots to save numerous player's adventures.
* Big assortment of mystical creatures
* A number of languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Korean.

Android OS Specifications
2.1 and up

What's New in this version:
  1. Thanks to absolutely everyone for your positive feedback
  2. Enhanced stability for Tegra2 devices
  3. Now supports Xperia Play PlayStation Phone!
  4. Added Korean language help
  5. Enhanced Spanish translations
  6. Other minor improvements and bug fixes
Download Crusade Of Destiny v1.4.5 Apk
Crusade Of Destiny v1.four.5 Apk Download
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