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Batteryminder PRO v2.11.0 Apk Download

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Batteryminder PRO v2.11. Apk Download

Batteryminder PRO v2.11. Apk Download
Monitor battery level, health, temperature and remaining timeMonitor battery power level, well being and temperature with customizable status bar icon, alarms and remaining time estimates.
- Battery level meter with % indicator in status bar
- 9 different icon themes
- Low/Complete battery alerts
- Adaptive remaining time estimate
- Minimal energy drain
- Residence screen widget
- Refresh mode setting (aggressive/typical/economy)
- Available in 7 different languages (en, es, fr, it, sv, hu, sk)
* Fully customizable notification content
* Time to/because fully charged
* Time unplugged
* Life savers (simple access to method settings)
* Task manager
* Advanced widget (adding time estimate, temperature, charging status and so forth.)
* Battery graph
* = Accessible in Batteryminder PRO only

Application translations also by:
MMiG (French)
Michael Lepori (Italian)
Peter Buzas (Hungarian)
Lukas Tonhauzer (Slovak)


Additional notes:
- App two SD: some applications are not suited for installation on external storage (SD). This frequently applies when solutions, alarms, widgets and auto start off functionality is involved. Batteryminder includes all of the above, which is also the cause why it does not let for external storage (SD) installation.
- Time estimate accuracy: Batteryminder bases remaining time estimate calculations on battery status reports gathered from the Android method. As a result, time estimates will grow to be considerably a lot more precise over time and also significantly less fluctuating. Please be patient for enhanced accuracy. Please also note that clearing the battery information history will force time estimate calculation to commence over from zero.
- 10% increments: due to some manufacturers/devices (e.g. Motorola Droid) only reporting battery status details in 10% increments, Batteryminder will not be able to display much more precise battery level data in the status bar icon and comparable.
- Momentary estimates: The momentary/historical average setting toggles amongst trying to answer one particular of the following two queries "How much longer would my device be capable to run, offered that I hold using it the very same way as I am at this really moment?" (momentary) or "If I use my device about the identical way as I usually do in the course of a normal day, how considerably longer would my battery last?" (historical average).
- Battery well being: Please note that battery overall health has nothing at all to do with the existing battery level/charge (%). Battery health tries to say when it really is time to replace an old, soon broken, battery.
Keywords: battery, monitor, level, charge, energy, indicator, alert, alarm, time, estimate, overall health, temp, energy, notification, drain, save, life, temperature, meter, remaining, graph, activity, manager, widget, theme, customizable, juice

Android OS Requirements
1.5 and up

What's New in this version:
  1. v2.11.:
  2. four new languages: French, Italian, Hungarian and Slovak
  3. Fixed commence at boot situation
  4. Fixed uncommon fore close issue (database connected)
  5. Fixed issue with update delay when altering notification content
  6. Fixed no history force close problem in battery graph
  7. Improved pinch zoom behavior in battery graph
  8. = Offered in PRO variant only
  9. Application translations also by:
  10. MMiG (French)
  11. Michael Lepori (Italian)
  12. Peter Buzas (Hungarian)
  13. Lukas Tonhauzer (Slovak)
  14. Many thanks to all of you!!
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Batteryminder PRO v2.11. Apk Download
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