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iDemolished v1.1.1 Apk Download

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iDemolished v1.1.1 Apk Download

iDemolished v1.1.1 Apk Download
Spot explosives and watch buildings crumble! Demolish much more than 60 buildings employing six distinct explosives and gravity primarily based on how you hold your device. Furthermore, play buildings other folks have created from all around the globe.Want to generate your own buildings? You can do that as well! Use your imagination and the included level editor to master your personal disasters.
* No Ads
* App2SD help
* Buildings crumble beneath the laws of physics
* Tilt your device to influence the direction of gravity!
* 62 demolition levels. Demolish every little thing from prisons to stadiums.
* Demolish buildings that other customers about the globe have developed!
* Globe wide higher scores on user produced levels
* six different explosives ranging from TNT to the powerful Octanitrocubane.
* Level editor: Generate your personal chaos, with a limitless number of levels!
* Adjust time delays on any explosive you spot
* Place several explosives on a single beam!
* 7 different kinds of beams every with their own distinctive attributes
* Zoom-in and zoom-out to accurately location or select your explosives
* Pan and zoom your view in the course of demolition
* Earn bronze/silver/gold medals based on demolition bonuses
* All 62 levels were produced with the level editor that comes with the game
A big thanks to Snoopy3D! His uploaded level helped us clear up some graphics artifacts.

Android OS Needs
1.6 and up

What's New in this version:
  1. New in 2.04: App2SD assistance, graphics fixes.
  2. You can now upload the buildings you have produced, and play buildings others have uploaded all about the planet! Contains higher score tracking on buildings you have uploaded. You can also watch the highest scoring demolition on uploaded levels!
  3. Note: Licensing was added in this version in order to help App2SD. If you have any issues with this service (we have attempted to make it extremely lenient) please make contact with us at the e-mail address listed.

iDemolished v1.1.1 Apk Download
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