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Android Kitkat features and new apps.

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Full-screen Immersive Mode
One of the greatest functions to arrive with 4.four KitKat is the immersive mode. Previously, the navigation buttons and status bar would take up true estate when browsing the net, reading a book or playing games.
Now, you can switch to complete-screen to see a lot more and merely swipe from the leading or bottom edge of the screen to get the buttons back.

For those with NFC, Android four.4 introduces a new, open architecture for NFC payments that works with any mobile operator. With host card emulation (HCE) signifies that any app on an Android device can emulate an NFC smart card. The technique also lets apps handle your payment details in the cloud or on your device.
Ok Google
If you're familiar with Google Glass then you'll know saying 'Ok Glass' will activate voice control. Effectively the very same is now correct for your smartphone except you say 'Ok Google'. This will let you voice search, send a text, get directions or play a song - as extended as you are on the homescreen on in Google Now.
Improved multi-tasking
Multi-tasking is fairly excellent in Android already but Google says it really is even far better in KatKat thanks to memory optimisation and "improving your touchscreen so that it responds more quickly and much more accurately than ever prior to".
Low-energy audio playback
Android four.4 makes it possible for for much more hours of audio playback, up to 60 hours on Nexus 5, according to Google. This is thanks to audio tunneling to a digital signal processor (DSP) in the device chipset. This implies audio decoding and effects are off-loaded to the DSP, for that reason waking the application processor less and utilizing significantly less battery.
Android four.four KitKat Caller IDCalls and messages
The new phone app orders your contacts based on the ones to interact with most and you can also search for contacts or nearby areas in the search bar.
Caller ID has been tweaked so that if a person rings you and the number is not saved in your contacts, your telephone will look for matches from companies with a regional listing on Google Maps so you know who it is.
The new Hangouts app combines all your text messages and MMS in one place with conversations and video calls.
Now you can print images, documents, and internet pages straight from your phone or tablet. You can print to any printer connected to Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint printers and other individuals that have apps in the Google Play Store.
Android 4.four KitKat printing
Google Drive
A handy new feature is the ability to save files, from apps like Quickoffice, to Google Drive (or other cloud storage providers). "And with swift access to not too long ago utilised files, it's simpler than ever to send the file you have been just working on." said Google.
Bluetooth MAP support
Android four.four KitKat now supports the Message Access Profile (MAP) so cars with Bluetooth can exchange messages with your device.
Chromecast support
Google's Chromecast HDMI dongle is supported in four.4 KitKat for wireless streaming of content such as Netflix and YouTube.
Chrome web view
Applications that embed web content now use Chrome to render net components accurately and speedily.
Device management built-in
If need to drop your precious smartphone or tablet, you can find or remote wipe it with Google's Android Device Manager.
Downloads app redesign
Google has offered the Downloads app a redesigned, adding a new sorting alternatives plus list and grid views for all the files you have, er, downloaded.
Easy property screen switching
If you adore customising to the extent that you have installed one particular or far more residence screen replacements, you can switch amongst them easily in 'Home' section of the settings menu.
Email app refresh
The E-mail app has also had a makeover with a new look, nested folders, make contact with photos and better navigation.
Complete-screen wallpapers with preview
Wallpapers now show by way of the status bar and navigation bar. When selecting a new wallpaper, you can preview what it will look like.
HDR+ photography
If you are obtaining the Nexus five, its HDR+ mode snaps a burst of photographs and combines them to give you the best attainable single shot.
Android four.four KitKat interface
Infrared blasting
Android now supports applications for remote handle of TVs and other nearby devices if you have an infrared (IR) transmitter.
Place in Rapid Settings
There is now a new tile for location settings in the Swift Settings drop down menu.
Place modes and monitoring
If you make your battery final longer by constantly switching GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile data on and off then there is an easier way in KitKat. You can choose among 'high accuracy' and 'battery-saving' place modes in the settings menu. You can also see which apps have not too long ago requested your location.
Music and movie-seeking and artwork on the lock screen
From the lock screen you can jump to a distinct portion of a song or video with a extended press on the play or pause buttons. Artwork is now fills the lockscreen, as well.
Safe app sandboxes
Application sandboxes have been hardened with Security-Enhanced Linux.
Step counting built-in
If you never want to spend income on a fitness gadget then the Nexus five can act as a pedometer to count your steps. Google says updated hardware and computer software make this a more battery-friendly way to measure your fitness.
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